Dry Float Therapy

With Zerobody the wellness experience is as easy as lying down and letting go. No need to get wet. No need to get undressed. Zerobody will free you from stress and gravity. Your dry float experience delivers a true experience of regeneration for body and mind. Over the course of multiple dry floatation therapy sessions, individuals can expect to experience a unique combination of physical and mental benefits.

Dry Float Therapy

Dry float therapy is an innovative, science-backed restorative treatment that can benefit several key aspects of your well-being. Whether you suffer from insomnia, chronic pain, cloudy thinking, or poor mood or are looking to speed up healing after an athletic injury, dry float therapy may help. While floating, some specific brain areas are activated, stimulating a physiological response opposite to stress, with an improvement in mental performance.


Benefits for your body

Increasing endorphin production

Improving lymphatic and venous drainage

Improving lactic acid drainage

Reducing inflammation

Naturally boosting your immunity

Reducing joint and muscle pains

Improving muscle recovery, strength, and tone

Increasing oxygenation

Improving overall athletic performance

Increasing energy


Benefits for your mind

Reducing insomnia and other sleep disorders

Improving your sleep quality

Accelerating jet-lag recovery

Improving cognitive and learning abilities

Stress and anxiety reduction


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30 Minutes

1 Session - $50
Package of 4 - $180
Package of 8 - $360

60 Minutes

1 Session - $80
Package of 4 - $300
Package of 8 - $575