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Long-Term Solutions for Acne Treatment
Comprehensive Care & Support

Join the Clear Skin Acne Boot Camp in Redondo Beach

Welcome to the Laura Vera Acne Bootcamp! I try to set personalized, realistic expectations for each of my clients, but this is typically a 12-week program where, together, you and I commit to a schedule of consistent treatments and at-home skin care designed to get acne under control. As a dedicated esthetician who loves my work, I am committed to guiding you through a transformative journey from skin struggles to ultimate clarity. Let’s get started today!

Solutions for Treating Teen and Adult Acne

The biweekly acne facials offered as part of the bootcamp are strategically scheduled over a period of three to four months to provide consistent care and support. Each session may incorporate a blend of superficial peels, enzymes, and LED Light Therapy to target acne, reduce inflammation, and promote healing based on your skin’s unique needs.

Through this comprehensive treatment plan, we aim to address the multiple causes of acne while offering ongoing education on lifestyle choices, diet, and skincare ingredients. Moreover, regular updates to your home care regimen and collaborative Q&A sessions ensure that you are equipped with the knowledge and resources needed for long-lasting skin health.

Treatment Strategies of My Acne Bootcamp Program

  • Completely personalized care plan
  • Progressive therapeutic treatments
  • Analysis of skin type, acne condition, and skin history
  • Determination of sensitivities to any active ingredients
  • Exploration of potential breakout triggers
  • Outline of positive and negative lifestyle choices

How Do You Treat the Different Types of Acne?

Acne is a common skin condition that arises when pores, or tiny holes on the surface of the skin, become clogged with a combination of oil and skin cells. Each pore leads to a follicle, which houses hair and an oil gland responsible for keeping the skin soft by eliminating old skin cells. When these glands become obstructed, a plug (or comedo) forms within the follicle.

In some cases, when bacteria become trapped within the plug, the body’s immune system may react, resulting in the formation of pimples. Acne that develops deep within the skin can lead to the formation of hard, painful cysts, a severe form known as nodulocystic acne.

I work to treat all these conditions with holistic methods that account for their multiple overlapping factors, and I make it a priority to educate my clients on their unique skin needs.

Redondo Beach’s Acne Bootcamp FAQs

Yes! That version of the program takes place over Zoom, and I’m honored to say it has helped many of my clients accomplish their skin goals when they aren’t able to come in person to my skincare clinic.

During our consultation, we’ll discuss your complete skin history, including any medications you’re on and the reasons the medications contribute to acne. When possible, I’ll suggest some potential alternatives and work with you to strategize meaningful ways to prevent and control breakouts.

It’s important to speak to your physician before stopping any prescription medications to avoid unwanted side effects.

I provide a free Acne Information Guide and Ingredient Checker Tool here on my website, which anyone can use. These resources are designed to help you assess potential causes of acne and make thoughtful decisions about which products you want to continue using.

My Acne Treatment Menu

Explore your acne treatment options. New clients should start with an Initial Acne Consultation + Treatment, while returning clients can book a standalone Acne Treatment.

Initial Acne Consultation + Treatment$140

Your consultation will include an in-depth skin analysis to determine your skin type, type of acne, and tolerance to active products. We will review potential aggravating factors that may contribute to breakouts, such as lifestyle and dietary choices, cosmetics, medications, and current home care. The consultation will conclude with a suggested customized home care regimen and a treatment plan.

Acne Treatment $95

For established acne-clearing clients only. These treatments are scheduled every 3 weeks over a period of 3-4 months. Treatments will include superficial peels, enzymes, and/or LED Light Therapy, depending on what your skin needs at the time of your visit.

Virtual Clear Skin Program $115

For those not located in the Redondo Beach area, I offer this virtual bootcamp program where we can connect via Zoom calls and discuss your unique acne experience. Just as with my in-office treatments, I work with virtual clients to assess their lifestyle, diet, and viable acne management options in addition to designing a home skin care product regimen.

Long-Term Chronic Acne Management Solutions

Throughout the bootcamp, I am here to coach, guide, and provide unwavering support as you navigate your skin transformation journey. I bring a touch of my New York personality to California but don’t expect me to be the drill sergeant forcing you to participate. The success of your skin recovery ultimately lies in your commitment to implementing the prescribed home care regimen and lifestyle changes.

By actively participating in biweekly treatments, staying consistent with appointments, and faithfully following the customized plan, you hold the power to witness drastic relief and achieve clear, radiant skin within around 90 days. Together, we work in tandem to empower you with the tools and knowledge needed to care for your skin effectively and maintain your newfound confidence and clarity for the long term.