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Ingredient Checker
Minimize Breakouts by Identifying Skin Irritants

The Pore-Clogger Checker

There are many beautiful skin-loving products on the market formulated with truly wonderful ingredients. But when it comes to acne, not all ingredients are created equally. Acne is influenced by many different variables: diet, hormones, lifestyle, and yes, the personal care products you choose. Even if a product claims to be ‘non-comedogenic,’ it doesn’t always mean that it is acne-safe. The Pore Clogger Checker was created to empower your decision-making. Simply copy/paste an ingredient list into the search window and hit ‘check.’ If pore-clogging ingredients are identified, they will be listed out. Ready – set – check!

Follow These Step-by-Step Instructions

In just a few clicks, check for pore-clogging ingredients in your skin, hair, and makeup products.

Step 1

Google search your product by the full name of your product and add the word ‘ingredients’ at the end.

Step 2

Copy only the ingredients list and paste it in the form field below.

Step 3

Hit ‘Check’ and get the results! If pore-clogging ingredients are identified, those ingredients will be listed.

Check Your Product


List of pore-clogging (comedogenic) ingredients: