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Healthy skin comes from healthy skin care practices.

Customized Treatments

There are many solutions for managing aging skin; lymphatic drainage, LED Light Therapy, Microcurrent, to name a few. Your facial will be uniquely influenced by the condition of your skin at every single visit.

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Acne Clearing

The choices you make everyday have an impact on your skin. It's more than topical care. It's also a commitment to healthy diet and lifestyle choices. This is a comprehensive approach to treating the multiple causes of acne.

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DMK Skin Revision

DMK Enzyme Therapy is not your ordinary facial. It is designed to bring the skin back into balance. This true form of oxygen therapy improves skin function and strengthens underlying structures. This is a beautiful option for all skin conditions.

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I love what I do!

At the young age of 53, I can appreciate aging confidently. I’m an advocate in a more integrated approach to treating the skin. My goal is to help effectively manage inflammatory conditions while inspiring healthy aging.

My passion for this industry has kept me motivated to really help people overcome their skin challenges. I believe in helping people learn and understand the fundamentals of their skin so they are empowered to make informed decisions.

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We want to guide you to healthy skin, but we can't do that without first understanding what it's been through. Our 'New Client Consultative Facial' is a great place to start.


We are located inside Amie house

Laura Vera Skin is nestled inside Amie House, a wellness center re-imagined, founded, and nourished by women in the community, for the community.

Co-founded by Pamela Pannacci of Laura Vera Skin, Amie House is a center for wellness professionals who are dedicated to their crafts. Each independent provider specializes in specific areas of health and wellness, providing quality wholistic care.

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