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Aging in your 20’s, 30’s, and beyond

I never like using the term ‘anti-aging,’ as we are all aging. But I do embrace healthy aging; Being the best possible ‘you’ at every stage in your life. And the best way to ensure this is with prevention. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Studies have found that matching a well-rounded skin care regimen with a healthy lifestyle and diet is the best way to slow the signs of aging. Across the board, every age group needs a minimum of 3 products: appropriate cleanser, appropriate moisturizer, and SPF. But as we age we must make more of an effort. How we choose to care for our skin in our younger years will most certainly show in our later years.


  • In your 20’s, your regimen doesn’t have to be elaborate, but your skin should be protected to prevent premature aging.
  • Gentle cleanse both AM & PM, appropriate moisturizer at night, and SPF for the day.
  • Extra credit: It’s never too early to look ahead. Add an antioxidant serum, such as a Vitamin C serum, to your regimen AM & PM
  • This is a good time to introduce your skin to professional facial treatments. If your goal is to maintain and not correct, a facial every 4-6 weeks is perfect.


  • If you haven’t done your extra credit in your 20’s, now’s the time to incorporate an antioxidant serum. And!.. an eye serum/cream!
  • While not the only antioxidant game in town, Vitamin C serum has been a premiere antioxidant for years. It is extremely effective when used under daily SPF for neutralizing free radicals that break down collagen and damage cells. What are free radicals, you ask?
  • A concept that is sometimes difficult to grasp… free radicals. I love the way Dr. Emmy Gaber explains it. ‘Absolutely everything in the world is made of molecules. Molecules are made of atoms and atoms are made of pairs of electrons. But when an atom is missing an electron, that’s when we talk of free radicals.
  • Free radicals, created from pollution and the sun, can damage the skin by trying to grab an extra electron from atoms in the skin. When atoms are taken away from molecules in the skin, it causes damage to our skin’s DNA that can speed along skin aging.’
  • The answer to free radicals… you guessed it… antioxidants! Antioxidants donate an electron to a free radical so that the free radical doesn’t have to take the electron from the skin’s atoms.


  • Your 40’s is where adding a high-quality powerhouse of a serum to your regimen can really help slow the aging process. Retinol is, and has been for many years, the gold standard.
  • As we age, our cell turnover begins to slow. Retinol works to stimulate the production of new cells. What does that mean for your skin? Smoother texture, smaller pores, a reduction in hyperpigmentation. It also stimulates collagen synthesis.
  • More collagen = less fine lines.
  • But Retinol is not the only game in town. As you begin to show more signs of aging, you’ll be able to figure out which serum is right for your skin.
  • As we age, the energy level in your cells begins to slow down. Incorporating LED Photo Therapy and/or Microcurrent into your facials can help boost the energy levels. More energy = more collagen production.

50’s & beyond…

  • At this point in our lives, our past actions have caught up with us. How have you cared for your skin through the years? Have you been eating a well-balanced healthy diet? Are you drinking enough water?
  • In your 50’s, you should be incorporating 5 products: cleanser, serum, moisturizer, eye cream, and SPF. Bonus points if you add a toner. Don’t forget your neck & chest! And any excess will be for the back of your hands.
  • There are other types of products to consider when putting together a skin care regimen. These products will of course depend on your skin type and your specific skin concerns, i.e. acne, rosacea, etc.
  • I would say 80% of your healthy aging is a result of what you’re doing at home; proper skin care, healthy diet, and lifestyle choices.
  • Your in-office facials are beneficial in giving your skin a deeper cleanse & exfoliation, promoting cell turnover, stimulating collagen, lifting & toning the facial muscles, boosting cellular energy, oxygenating the cells, and of course, extractions. Oh! And some much needed relaxation. <3