Skin Revision

Visits are by appointment only please. New clients should start with the 'New Client Consultation + Treatment'

DMK Enzyme Therapy

'New Client Consult + Treatment' required prior to scheduling your first Enzyme Treatment

90 - 120 min, $220

The DMK Enzyme Treatment is NOT your ordinary facial. It is true oxygen therapy.

Enzyme therapy is designed to bring the skin back into balance.  This unique treatment delivers fresh nutrients and oxygen to essentially ‘spring clean’ your skin by removing toxins, stagnant lymph, and dead cell material through the lymphatic system. This true form of oxygen therapy improves skin function and strengthens underlying structures.

DMK Enzyme Therapy is suitable for all skin types, colors, and conditions. It is designed to:

Detoxify the skin of all impurities to leave a glowing, clearer complexion

Increase and balance free water levels

Reduce signs of aging, pigmentation, and acne

Strengthen the skin's immune system

Encourage new collagen and elastin formation

Bring fresh oxygen to the skin cells

DMK home prescriptive encouraged for best results during a series and monthly maintenance.


DMK Advanced Enzyme Therapy

120 min, $240

Initial Enzyme Therapy required prior to scheduling Advanced Treatment

An advancement from the traditional enzyme, the 'Advanced Enzyme Therapy, may include; double exfoliation, additional modalities such as LED, and multiple layered Enzyme masks for lifting and toning, followed by the DMK Transdermal Infusion.


Glow & Go

'New Client Consultation + Treatment required prior to peel service

45 min, $95

A variety of comfortable, performance-driven peels for the condition you are most troubled by, including; pigmenatation, acne, and even dehydration. All in under an hour with little to no downtime. Patch test will be done prior to appointment. Must discontinue topical rx products, including retinal, one week prior to peel service.

Deep pore cleanse, light chemical exfoliation, extractions, as needed, and the finishing touches will complete the service.